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TONIC, the Journal of the Robert Simpson Society. Volumes 1–26 are available online as PDF files. They contain 51 articles authored by or in association with Robert Simpson.

The Seventh Symphony of Bruckner: An Analysis

R. Simpson, Music Review (1947): p178–187.

Carl Nielsen: Symphonist

R. Simpson, 1952, (revised 1979). Taplinger Publishing Co. New York (1986), and Kahn & Averill, London (1986).
ISBN-10: 0900707461, ISBN-13: 9780900707469

Ianus Germinus: Music in Scandinavia

R. Simpson (1960), in Twentieth Century Music – an International Symposium of Essays on Current Trends in Music, Ed. R. Meyers. Calder (1960), and Calder and Boyers (1968).
ISBN-10: 0028645812, ISBN-13: 9780028645810

Bruckner and the Symphony

R. Simpson (1963). British Broadcasting Corporation, London, England (1963).
A PDF version of this booklet can be downloaded from the Anton Bruckner website.

Sibelius and Nielsen: a Centenary Essay

R. Simpson (1965). British Broadcasting Corporation, London (1965).

The Essence of Bruckner: An Essay Towards the Understanding of his Music

R. Simpson (1966). Gollancz, London, England (1967).

Beethoven Symphonies

R. Simpson (1970). A BBC Music Guide, BBC, England (1971), and Seattle, University of Washington Press, USA (1971).
ISBN-10: 0563204842, ISBN-13: 9780563204848

The Symphony (two volumes)

R. Simpson (Ed.). Penguin Books Ltd, Middlesex England (1975).
Volume 1: Haydn to Dvořák
ISBN-10: 0140207724, ISBN-13: 9780140207729
Volume 2: Mahler to the Present Day
ISBN-10: 0140207732, ISBN-13: 9780140207736

Forward to: Beethoven, Sibelius and the ‘Profound Logic’: Studies in Symphonic Analysis

by Lionel Pike, London [Atlantic Highlands,] NJ: Athlone Press; distributed in the USA by Humanities Press, (1978).
ISBN-10: 0485111780, ISBN-13: 9780485111781

The Proms and Natural Justice, a Plan for Renewal

R. Simpson, with a forward by Sir Adrian Boult (1980). Toccata Press, London (1981).
ISBN-10: 0907689000, ISBN-13: 9780907689003

Our Shy Masters

R. Simpson, in Unholy Warfare: The Church and the Bomb. Edited by Martin & Mullen, Blackwell 1983
ISBN-10: 0631134530, ISBN-13: 9780631134534

More Reflections (After Composition)

R. Simpson, Tempo No 144, March 1983.

The piano miniature Michael Tippett, His Mystery

R. Simpson, in Michael Tippett, O.M.: A Celebration. Edited by Geraint Lewis. Baton Press, England (1985).
ISBN-10: 0859361403, ISBN-13: 9780859361408

Carl Nielsen: A Life in 6 Symphonies

S. Rattle and R. Simpson (with Musical Examples played by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rattle), BBC videocassette. The only information we have on this video came from a now defunct webpage at the Dutch Media Centre for Language and Culture. If anyone knows any further details, please send email to the Robert Simpson Society. (c.1980s)

Beethoven Concertos

R. Simpson, in A Guide to the Concerto. Edited by Robert Layton. Helm, England (1988).
ISBN-10: 019288008X, ISBN-13: 9780192880086

Forward to: Experiencing Music

by Vagn Holmboe, edited and translated by Paul Rapoport, Toccata Press, London (1991).
ISBN-10: 0907689159, ISBN-13: 9780907689157

Carl Nielsen Now: A Personal View

R. Simpson, in The Nielsen Companion. Edited by Mina Miller. Amadeus Press, Portland, Oregon U.S.A. (1995).
ISBN-10: 1574670050, ISBN-13: 9781574670059

Robert Simpson on Beethoven

Essays, lectures and talks by R. Simpson selected and edited by Lionel Pike, published privately by Dr. Pike’s Aardvark Publishing (1996).
ISBN-10: 0952815508, ISBN-13: 9780952815501

Simpson’s notes on the Beethoven String Quartets

in the booklets for the cycle recorded by the Vanbrugh Quartet (on Intim Musik IMCD 043–050) (1998). Reprinted here.

Simpson’s notes on Bach’s Die Kunst der Fugue

in the booklet for the recording by the Delmé Quartet (on Hyperion Records, CDA67138) of his own arrangement of the pieces (1999) – in English, French & German. Reprinted in TONIC, Vol.18, p12–15.