Simpson with Horenstein/LSO in 1966

TONIC, the Journal of the Robert Simpson Society. Volumes 1–26 are available online as PDF files. They contain 76 articles about or in association with Robert Simpson.

Robert Simpson: Composer – Essays, Interviews, Recollections

Edited by Jürgen Schaarwächter, Foreword by Angela Simpson, Hildesheim: Georg Olms (2013).
ISBN-13: 9783487150031 Contents – Forward – Preface.

The Power of Robert Simpson – A Biography

by Donald Macauley, Xlibris (2013).
ISBN-13: 9781479794379 (PB); 9781479794386 (HB); 9781479794393 (eBook).

Robert Simpson Lecture

by Malcolm MacDonald, Wigmore Hall, 2000. Transcribed in TONIC, Vol.15, p3–12.

The Symphonism of Robert Simpson

Simon Phillippo, Ph.D. dissertation, University of Cambridge, 2000.

An introduction to the String Quartets of Robert Simpson

Callum MacDonald. Recorded talk with musical examples, Dunelm Records Ltd (1999) CD (DRD0110). Available here.

Symphonic Momentum and Post-Tonal Dramas: Robert Simpson’s First Symphony

Simon Phillippo. Tempo, No.209, July 1999, p2–6. Reprinted in TONIC, Vol.15, p13–18.

Assessing Robert Simpson: The Perpetual Striver

Simon Phillippo. The Musical Times, Vol.139 No.1865, Winter 1998, p25–30. Preview.

Robert Simpson’s Third Symphony: Sources and Influences

Martin Ratcliffe, Ph.D. dissertation, Royal Holloway College, University of London (1998). Abstract.

Conflict, Momentum and the Will of the Tonalist

Simon Phillippo, M.Phil. dissertation, University of Cambridge, 1997.

Robert Simpson’s Symphonic Appetite

Callum MacDonald. Recorded talk with musical examples, Dunholm Publicity Ltd (1993), CD (DRD0011). Available here. Transcribed in TONIC, Vol.3 No.3, p3–6.

The Symphonies of Robert Simpson

Edited by Robert Matthew-Walker, Alfred Lengnick & Co. Ltd. London (1991).
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Robert Simpson: our Major Symphonist

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Robert Simpson’s Tenth Symphony

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Robert Simpson as Symphonist

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Robert Simpson: his Fifth Symphony at the Proms

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The symphonies of Robert Simpson

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Robert Simpson’s Ninth Symphony

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Robert Simpson’s Ninth

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Robert Simpson’s New Way (String Quartet No 8)

Lionel Pike. Tempo, No.153, June 1985, p20–29. Reprinted in TONIC, Vol.3 No.3, p15–29.

Northcott on Simpson

Tempo, No.135, December 1980. Reprinted in TONIC, Vol.1 No.2, p16–19.

Robert Simpson, 50th Birthday Essays

Edited by Edward Johnson, Triad Press, London (1971).

Articles written following Simpson’s death on November 21 1997 may be found on the Obituaries and Tributes page