Personal data is retained for legitimate purposes only. It is not used for marketing.

Personal data of members is collected and used so that subscriptions may be collected, members be notified of events and be sent publications such as Tonic.

We will not use automated processes or profiling with the personal data that we hold.
We will take reasonable precautions to keep the data secure and confidential including by means of physical and electronic safeguards.

We will not disclose any of our members’ personal data to third parties except with the prior explicit consent in writing by the member or as to the extent permitted by law. The member can withdraw their consent at any time.

We will retain records and personal data in order that we can assist with our members’ needs and in order to comply with the law. The minimum statutory data retention period is six years.

We will protect former members’ data in the same way as existing members’.

You have the right:

  • to request a copy of your data; we can refuse to provide information where to do so may reveal another member’s personal data or negatively impact on another person’s rights
  • to have your personal data corrected if it is inaccurate
  • to request that your data is deleted when it is no longer required for a legitimate need, legal obligations or purpose it was collected; where data may be held within complex backup systems we will take reasonable steps to comply with the request
  • to ask us to restrict our processing of your data where the accuracy of the data may need to be verified.