as published in TONIC 1/4, 1982, pp. 7-8
amendments as of 17 June 2011 and 26 September 2020

1. Title

The association shall be called “The Robert Simpson Society”,hereinafter referred to as “the Society”

2. Aims and Objects

The aims and objects of the Society shall be to promote knowledge and appreciation of the work of Dr Robert Simpson, and to sponsor the study, performance and recording of his music.

In pursuit of its objects the Society may engage in any lawful fund-raising or trading activity, but in no circumstances shall any profit or financial surplus arising from such an activity be distributed to or applied for the personal benefit of any member of the Society or otherwise than in furthering the aims of the Society.

3. Membership and Subscriptions

Membership of the Society shall be open to any person on the payment of an annual subscription. The amount of the subscription may be amended annually by the Annual General Meeting of members. Subscriptions shall cover a period of one year and be payable in January. Joint memberships (two persons at the same address) shall be permitted. New members joining after 30 September shall not be required to pay a renewal subscription until the following January but one. Any member who fails to pay the annual subscription within six months of its falling due shall be deemed to have resigned from the Society.

4. Management

The management of the Society shall be in the hands of a Committee comprising not more than ten members, plus a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Publicity Officer, who shall be the Officers of the Society. The Chairman shall have a casting vote at meetings of members and of the Committee, and the quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be five persons including two officers.

The Committee shall have power to appoint a Patron, a President and not more than ten Vice-Presidents, to further the interests of the Society. The Patron, President and Vice-Presidents shall have no vote at meetings of members or of the Committee, except in their capacity as members. The Committee shall have power to appoint sub-committees and to delegate to them such powers as it considers appropriate.

The Committee shall have power to admit Honorary Members to membership of the Society without subscription. Such membership shall be given to persons who in the Committee’s opinion have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the works of Robert Simpson. Such Honorary Membership shall normally be for life, but may be rescinded in extraordinary circumstances. The Committee shall have power to admit Library Members to membership without subscription; they shall receive copies of Tonic and any other relevant published material. Neither Honorary nor Library Members shall have any voting rights.

No members of the Society shall make public statements or enter into commitments on behalf of the Society unless so authorized by the Committee. The Committee shall have full powers to pursue the aims and objects of the Society on behalf of members. In addition to those taken by the Committee or the Annual General Meeting in a formal meeting (either in person or online), decisions may be taken through the medium of any digital or analogous device (telephone, post, e-mail, etc). Any committee member is free to raise a question or an action for the consideration of the Committee, which may make a decision by majority vote. Any material of sufficient importance will be reported at the next Annual General Meeting.

5. Elections

The Officers and Committee shall be elected for three years by members present in person or by proxy at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall have power to fill any casual vacancies arising during that period in its membership, and to co-opt additional members as required.

6. General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of each calendar year. Not less than fourteen days’ notice of general meetings shall be given in writing to members. The quorum for general meetings shall be 6 members, including 2 officers, present in person. An extraordinary general meeting of members shall be convened by the Secretary on the request of not less than one-fifth of the membership or twenty members (whichever is the less).

7. Accounts

The financial year of the Society shall run from 1st April to 31st March, and the accounts for that period shall be submitted at the Annual General Meeting.

8. Amendments to Constitution

The Constitution may be amended or rescinded with the consent of at least two-thirds of members present or by proxy at a general meeting when notice of such intention has been given to members.

9. Proxy Voting

Members unable to attend meetings in person may submit a vote by proxy on any specified matter. This vote must be submitted in writing (by post or by e-mail) to the Secretary to arrive not less than 24 hours before the start of the meeting.

10. Winding-up

In the event of dissolution of the Society, all assets remaining shall be transferred to such body or organization whose aims are compatible with those of the Society, as shall be approved by the members present at the general meeting approving such dissolution.