Firstly I was saddened to hear that the Master is dead. I found out by browsing the net here to find a connection to the society.

I find Robert Simpson’s Ninth Symphony one of the most awesome musical events of this century. I, too, am a fan of Bruckner and Beethoven, and the ferocious majesty of this latest ninth symphony is incredible indeed. When I first purchased Simpson’s Ninth Symphony after first getting familiar with the work (it is not easily accessible, I found) I then played the thing about once a day for the next year. For a long stretch it was my favourite work.

I have mystic tendencies and a fascination for the infinite which this might imply. I found Mr Simpson’s work fitted my fascination here almost perfectly. As a Christian I find his work along with Bruckner’s to bear witness to the glory and majesty of God.

I am a professional musician playing double bass at the moment on a long sabbatical, if you will, from my orchestra. I first discovered Simpson through a friend who told me his influences were Bruckner, Beethoven and the Northerners (Sibelius, Nielsen). I was delighted to discover this corpus of work.

He was truly the heir to Bruckner, and will be sadly missed.

Steve Meikle
11 June 1998