Dear member,

On behalf of the Chairman I should like to invite you to this year’s AGM which is being held at the Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa. The map will show how to find the venue.

The AGM is normally held on a Saturday. The reason for the change this year is the unveiling of a plaque to Robert Simpson at his birthplace, 21 Rosefield Street, Leamington Spa. This follows the AGM; the composer’s sister Miriam will unveil the plaque. There will then be a reception and tea in the Town Hall and an evening concert, which includes Simpson’s 7th quartet, performed by the Coull Quartet. All the venues are within 150 yards of each other. A detailed timetable is given below with the AGM agenda.

If you are able to attend, could you let me know as soon as conveniently possible? In particular, could you indicate whether you expect to attend the lunch and/or reception? It will be a great help to the organisers to know exact numbers. You may wish to make your own arrangements for lunch but we thought it might be pleasant for RSS members to join together.

The Society is particularly grateful to Robin Taylor of the Leamington Blue Plaque Committee for his detailed work in making this occasion possible. He is a member of the Elgar and Richard Strauss Societies and his preferred music is late-Romantic, but on hearing three or four Simpson symphonies his reaction was; ‘this chap’s a bit difficult but admirable’. On discovering that Simpson was born in Leamington, he put the composer’s name forward to the Blue Plaque Committee. Robin has also been enormously helpful in recommending our venues for lunch, the AGM and overnight accommodation, as well as the timings for the day. We are greatly indebted to him.

I do hope you can join us at this special occasion to honour one of Britain’s outstanding composers.

Yours sincerely,

David Jones

AGM Timetable and Agenda

Please read the PDF document for the AGM detailed timetable and agenda and for recent news.